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1994 Crime Bill

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Just watched that documentary the 13th,
It all makes sense now, good grief!
Been supporting Bill & Hillary, but where's our relief?
In the 90s the economy grew due to 100,000 police,
Who put millions of brothers & sisters in jail,
Many still to this day can't cope, vote or make bail,
America threw parties while ni@@as caught hell,
Cotton and tobacco got replaced with drugs and crime,
America got fat, rich, and happy, while we died and did decades in time,
For profit prisons provided cheap labor to produce various goods,
Three strikes and you're out, no doubt decimated our hoods,
Modern day slaves,
As 'they' say, crime pays,
'They' being the Massa, 
The legal gun blaster,
Skin the color of plaster,
Stop and frisk to fill those new prison cells faster..
Perpetrated hate in a subtle way so nobody knows,
The enemy is mostly brown, black & poor in movies and TV shows,
Cops, Law & Order, and movies about gangs, courts, and prison,
If art imitates life, is that how we 'posta be livin'?
The 1994 Crime Bill sealed the deal, I thought we was cool Clintons?
Guess we 'super predators' and these politicians is just stool pigeons...

Tough love - Secretary Clinton still has my vote!

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jlmoore2 says:

Great insight. Unfortunately, Hillary has my vote Because like Obi Wan Kenobi Right now, she's our only hope. says:

LOL - thanks jlmoore2!

Jay Beach says:

Dope. You make me wanna look up the documentary. Thanks for the great relevant write. says:

Thanks Jay Beach! Its on Netflix and worth the time to watch.

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