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2 Samages

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A brotha like me need 2 Samages,
Meat, cheese, and bacon, or even Manwiches,
Come lunchtime Imma put in damages,
Went to the kitchen to get a little grub,
Made 2 Samages/John Montagu/One love!
Low on dough and bread, finna use the heel,
That first & last piece, cuz I keeps it real!
Two ain't enough, so I grabbed a jar of jelly,
Bread and peanut butter, get in my belly!
Grilled cheese and roast beef,
Is delicious beyond belief,
Don't rush, soup might burn your lips,
Wrap 'em up in wax and grab a bag of chips!

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after vision says:

so true my poet, I need two myself. the first one rushed and the second one tasted

poems by this commentor says:

Thanks after vision!

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