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Her beauty

Something she question all the time

She wakes up

To make up and waste time

Her beauty 

It always runs through her mind 

She takes pics,stands in mirrors and waste time 

Her beauty 

Man I wish she knew she was fine 

But she measures it with a line from a song 

She waste time not seeing what's going on 

Her beauty 

I ask..

Why are you so blind to the fact that your beautiful 

But hide from it 

Your lips hips and hair 

Oh let me not forget your breast 

Legs and rear 

But your mind..

Your mind is what makes your beauty 

I just felt that it was my job to let you how much it meant to me 




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social seer says:

She's lucky to have a guy like you know it. Nice love write.

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....If only all men thought like this....We are a dying breed indeed....Respect

Unusual2Yall says:

Yes indeed beautiful!!!

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