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"Out Of The Mouth Of Babes"

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...I saw her before  she saw me/Standing there/Ghetto fabulous...

Her nails were done to perfection - a clear nail polish  with little stones embedded in them that looked diamonds...

I knew that the long, neat braids of ther hair were extentions/Nonetheless, the money that she shelled out for them was in my eyes well spent

- Putting a little something extra in her hips - she sensuouly turned around to gaze at a passing car

Damn, the lady'swas off the chain kid!

Big/round/and shapely - her booty jiggled as she took a step forward, as if her cheeks were laughing at some secret joke

The jeans that she had on were so tight, only a crane could have lowered her into them...

Then she turned again and scanned the schoolyard - Her beautiful/smoldering contact colored eyes caught mine and held them! I smiled by way of acknowledgement -

 She came to the gate, pulled it open, and stepped inside...

 My heart raced and pounded as this dime piece walked directly to me...

Coming real close/she extended a well manicured hand for me to take...

"Hi baby" was all that she said

"Hi grandma " I responded in my three year old voice -

Nope, no gray haired, frail old grandma for me

My grandma is only 30 years old/Her daughter - my mother is just 16 okay...

...You Do The Math...


"Out Of The Mouths Of Babes"


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nosajm@gmail.com says:

Profound poem!

Poetiq1der says:

Peace and God's Blessings to you and yours....Thank You my Friend and Brother...I appreciate all that you bring to the table as writer as well...1 Love

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