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"Forth Of July"

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"Oh, say can you see?"....

A backward celebration /Societal abrasion - without Love no sensation

Another young one molested...Jon Benet still unrested

Different Projects at war/Oil prices have soared - Hunger Right On Our Shores

The Wolves reside with the sheep/Can't pay your rent, so no sleep...Man and Wife on the creep

A Black Man killed his Black Brother/A troubled Son His Own Mother -Bloods and Crips flagging colors/We Have No Love For Another

Fireworks in my head...Michael Whitney now dead

Cherry bombs, but faint laughter...Each day I Hope for The Rapture

...Searching deep for some clarity, this present life just a parody/between Rich and poor there's disparity, another psycho say "Marry me"


"By the dawn's early light"

If Dark skinned out of sight


Ponzi schemes/Kiddie Porn - It seems our Children forlorn -Etan Patz finally mourned

Another perv/Priest defrocked/Idle lives on the clock/Dealers merked over blocks....Jesus Weeps For His Flock

Go all out for the Loochie/Everyday a new Hoochie/Just 15 selling coochie...

Fine Fare Prices are up/So, less bang for your buck...Food Stamps stretched to their limit/I guess you're s...t out of luck

Global Warming a myth?/Can't trust the friend that you're with/I need escape from reality...I zone out through the "Piff"

Now, let me ask you a question, use your brain, don't reply...

....Are We Really Any Freer...On The Forth Of July?

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