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Should I compare thee to a Cat? A housy animal with sharp nails, A housy tiger that lay rat on table, And a housy animal in back palm to a dog. . Should I compare thee to a Cat? A bridegroom that pay no bride price but want a bride, A labourer that pay no fiefs to the Land Baron but want the gain, And a hunter that carried Elephant and still hunting the tunnel of 'ìrè'. . Yes,thee is like that creature, You that own seven but still want two from three, You that own ten but can't give one to the none, And you that give no rent to the Landlord but still want a room. . Let me not but tell you this, Be a dog that kills meat for its master, Be a horse to your master when his vehicle is dead to the world, Be an Ant that carry Asia but send australia to the pipe of stomach, For this earth is a flame upon gas.

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after vision says:

my poet, I kinda like the wall that you build and then tear ri ght back down

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