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1/27/17 9pm

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I feel comfort in your company

Which is why I let you sit up under me


 mainly the reason why we conversate

You give a feeling of innocence

Something I didn’t have for long

At a young age

 I was tossed in the world to survive on my own

I’ve fought like hell to get where I’m at

I’m still not where I want to be

I’m constantly striving to move up on the ladder

On my own terms

For some reason

today you attempted to come at me differently

You stumbled over your words

Your nerves kicked yourharder than I ever could have

I wanted to laugh


I decided to give you ample time to get your words together

They abandoned you

I knew why your wheels was turning


 I wanted you to voice your thinking

You didn’t have time

The conversation ended

I wanted to make our situation was clear

I couldn’t allow you to be misled

I know how that feels

That hurts like hell

I had to set the story straight

Even if it was though text message

We’re just friends

I hope you understand

There isn’t much that can change that fact between us







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Wize Dom says:

Nice work!

poems by this commentor


twistedbeauty says:

thanks Wiz Dom. I found the journal you gave me in 2013. I havnet read it since then but im sure my writing has improved.

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