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aim sol low for the stars, that vast stellar near infinite dome upon embarking on this spaceship. even if the motive seems dopey, goofy, iffy act alone or in tandem with three musketeers to blaze a comet like trail akin to babe ruth across the milky way. refuse to let any grumpy, perky surly, refusniks to discourage ambitious charge against what might seem indomitable. though just one accessible earthlink, you can be like a server as an excellent googly eyed, live missionary for with decency, humanity, loquacity, matriculating from a quality university. come cast your powerful pointed persona across the world wide web. akin to a oblate spheroid of a spreadsheet, this terrestrial sphere can become immunized against depredations incurred from some hotmail, mailer daemon or yahoo. stand tall like the frontispiece of a newly minted booked face, main tain dignified humble liberal poignant righteousness amidst initial public offered servant even if crowd sourced into a token ring like a defeated pugilist.take the torch (bearing imprimatur of youthful idealism) to the very horizon that countless previous generations of graduates witnessed, yet with the technology of today utilize applications toward logical, pragmatical  realism to foster amity, comity, energy...magnanimity, poetry, rhapsody toward universal wisdom. surmount any virtual or actual obstacle with astute equality, innate modesty, que universality, wise veracity zeroing in on any particularity global nemesis that beckons and calls like some modern day call of the wild. dismiss naysayers or doomsday prophecies promulgated by tinny voices from pessimists, who succumb to the vagaries of bestial, coeval, lethal maniacal, uber venal invisible predators that encroach upon the covenant per life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, a birthright for every human being. aside from the abolition of animalistic, ballistic, catastrophic, demonic, endemic, fatalistic, genetic, homophobic, idiotic, jingoistic, kleptomaniac, lunatic, misogynistic, narcissistic, orgiastic, pathetic, quixotic, robotic, sarcastic, toxic, uremic, volcanic wave undermining democratic, idealistic, moralistic, pacific rubric surf tsunami and conquer reasonable inequities.



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SYQ222 says:

That is AMAZING!!!!

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