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Pleasant spring like day February 9th, 2024


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A scent (and sixth sense predominates),
when apple boughs
and other aromatic flora
laden with blossoms and fruit

gently assail cilia of the nostrils,
aside from aiding distinguishing
pleasant or unpleasant smells
additionally incorporate complex structures
of the paranasal sinus mucosa
in which function
critical linkedin to respiratory defense.

Cilia beat in a coordinated manner

to clear the paranasal sinus cavities

and upper airway of the mucus blanket

that contains the pathogens and debris

continually inspired in normal respiration.


Avast extent of following poem
crafted a couple plus years ago,
when foretaste of temperate weather
covered swath of eastern seaboard.


Courtesy climate change
(think global warming),

I would forever wish to exchange

unseasonably warm temperature

(10 plus degrees Celsius

in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania today)
for brutally cold subzero windchill factor,

no matter unseasonably warm degrees
way out of expected range,

of established “normal”
far to balmy, undoubtedly
for the likes of old man winter
furious his blizzard snowbound

weather forecasts shortchanged.


Once thermometer readings rise
even smidgen one moost not minimize

Earth way out of balance,

an inconvenient truth
I haint gonna catastrophize

as bajillion acres plus
one after another ocean dries

even the skeptic cannot turn
third eye blind and believe contrary lies,

when every species practically extinct

and self proclaimed éminence grise
doth trumpet and stubbornly tries

to claim plethora unearthed resources

as sudden goldmine
against wages of sin
former traitor joe

(biden his time) redeemers actualize
to catalyze nth industrial revolution

teaching as heresy
ecocentric, which material basket

of deplorables power mongers bowdlerize

concurrence toward meteorological
trend most all people agree
toward adapting, experiencing,

and witnessing increase -
fair in height degree

bestowed upon Thomas Newcomen,
Richard Arkwright, Samuel Crompton,
Edmund Cartwright
and James Watt first Industrial

Revolution conferred as honoree

appellation not necessarily

in retrospect donned as noble pedigree,

now hundred of years
later downside we see

of belching, coughing,
disorging... yes siree

foul, (née deadly)
cancerous, gaseous, malodorous,

noxious, poisonous... pollutants.


Decreased dissension
grudgingly did abate
and one doubting Thomas less nasty
toward the braying donkeys in general,
when Democratic contender
clinched the electorate majoritty

unclouded protests muted trumpeting
base aggressivity, depravity,
and incendiary proclivity
for hunted prey (slapped

with felony charges that H_ lied
on a federal form
when he claimed being drug-free
at the time unnamed person
purchased a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver
in October 2018)
hastening Grand Poobah to abdicate

irrefutable proof generates
contentious voices to accumulate

additionally disappointment

resolving global warming

activists linkedin over Green Party
blessedly to administrate

hoop fully figurative tide
will turn and aerate

political atmosphere whereby
progressive minds will affiliate

otherwise business as usual,
cuz spewing deadly particulate
will only aggravate


dire straits, where

webbed wide world series
of unfortunate events will airdate

prophetic apocalyptic fate

especially if nonprogressive
stodgy former el presidente
number Cuarenta y cinco
commander in chief re-elected
flush with bigotry and hate

increased chance (chants) ripe state

for revolution avast swath
of population to amalgamate,

and overthrow anachronistic government

absolute zero survival unless dramatic

nondestructive strategy eschewed

to supplant exploitation and mandate

radical transformation, which dramatic
shift off grid if lucky requisite
Earth friendly manufacturing
can possibly ameliorate.


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