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Bittersweet pyrrhic victory...


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if a 2024 November presidential Biden win
pandemonium likely to occur,
subsequently figurative tectonic upheaval
might set United States in a tailspin.

Though discouraged, disenchanted,
disheartened, et cetera Democrat,
I intend to exercise enfranchisement
wherein human made his habitat
within Schwenksville, Penna,
a washed out town with one laundromat
pessimism rains heavy on my heart
reverberating a prominent pitapat
hoping on a broken wing
and a prayer
trumpeting Republican theocrat
blessedly outvoted videre licet
sense and sensibility courtesy electorate.

Yours truly attests the candidate
signified by donkey
the lesser of two evils,
a cruel trick doled out
courtesy fickle finger of fate
braying against lumbering Elephantidae
Thomas Nast of Harper's Weekly
in 1870 he did illustrate

said animals as caricature
he did humorously sketch
though expressing tacit approval
for elder incumbent
octogenarian quintessential statesman,
he (a common gentile Joe)
exhibits the preferred alternative,
though secular Semitic humanist,

I vouchsafe present
commander in chief
bares the sisyphean onus
to foster entente cordiale
among various and sundry
governments linkedin across
the webbed wide world,
particularly vocalizing, orchestrating,

invoking dovish overtures
unnamed politician obligation
his adherents must take a stand
and serve as ambassadors representing
peace and harmony
for instance such as conferring freedom
regarding oppressed Palestinian people
Israel must liberate

allowing, enabling, and providing
their own destiny (lies) to operate
versus being humiliated
courtesy where boot heel diplomacy
of autocrat bully and regulate
every friggin action
brutally commanding, goading,
lording over, et cetera subjects

when, where, and
how to breathe or urinate,
plus current occupant
of Executive Mansion
must not resist
parlaying olive branch,
which amped up energy,
would tax even an envoy

even at her/his prime,
which younger generation
must be entrusted to govern
since four score chronological orbitz
logically, seriously, zealously...
automatically must disqualify
office holder/seeker, whose
emotional, mental, and spiritual fitness
necessitates body, mind, and spirit triage

no more than half life
of aforementioned age,
cuz youth in general,
(and women in particular) bubble
with near boundless energy
regarding promulgating win/win
within realm of conflict resolution
emblematic of Lake Wobegon,
the little town time forgot,

and the decades could not improve .

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