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I made a good impression today April 19th, 2023...


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getting fitted for a new pair of dentures

at Liberty Dental in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania;
The tab picked up courtesy
Aetna Medicare Advantra Cares (HMO D-SNP).

Unfortunately said outcome
represents the exception
(regarding measuring success or failure
in the school room or work place)
rather than the rule,
whereat scattershot academic,
and employment history
reveals mine curriculum vitae
chock-a-block extant
with poor scholastic performance
and termination (as if pierced
with a terrible swift sword)
from one job after another respectively.


I made an absolute ZERO effort attempt

to score high marks or earn kudos,
no rhyme nor reason why
yours truly rarely
if ever sought to persevere,
and essentially did not try
though forever dog gone tired
donning figurative dunce cap -
a pointed hat, formerly used

as an article of discipline


in schools in Europe
and the United States—
especially in the 19th
and early 20th centuries—
for children who were disruptive

or were considered slow in learning,

(where classmates or other employees
assailed ready made fodder
made snickering snide remarks

in tandem with


swashbuckling sword play - nah
akin to the three musketeers -
barred from Mars)

toward extremely socially withdrawn boy
whispering under their breath at a lad,
who owned an inferiority complex
the size of Pennsylvania)
exhibiting faith no more in self
at a painfully early age
found him eager, ready and willing
to allow, enable, and provide


ripe opportunity for others to ply

name calling and bullying,
experiencing trauma analogous to
British POWs ordered
by their Japanese captors
to construct a bridge
of strategic importance
over the river Kwai

but never did tears of sadness
simultaneously emanate

from left and right eye.


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