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A Fiend for Feeling

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Cold nights,  lonely days, stayed away from the world like the rest of the strays, poison coursing through my blood stream, smoke in my lungs, never as bad as it seemed, always had the potential to become, fiending for a feeling, because I was so numb, hurting inside, outside so young, soul so old, mind so tired and weary, eyes glassy and teary, everything is so wrong, been so long, that I have been hauling these burdens, but now I am so strong, to carry the weight, couldn't wait, to test it out, I needed to come out of my body, and escape reality, when in the end I was only hurting myself, even more than they were me, gossip whores, jealous cores, unintentionally hurting others, I did not realize until my spirits demise and rebirth of my soul, didn't need substance to be whole, victim of circumstance, guilty of none of the lies, but fallen prey to true love, if that makes me a fool, be as it may then ... I could feel again. I could breath again. 

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