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A Single Tear

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You may ask me to say why I love you and I could reply:

When you smile, it’s the way the stars twinkle in your eye,

the ugly face you make when you cry. The joyful laughter when we play or the loneliness I feel when you go away.


You may ask me to describe how much I love you and I could say:

My love for you is like the sun and moon with there glow that brightens the world by night and by day.

If you count every strand of hair on every person on earth then multiply it by infinity, it still could not equate the love for you that’s within me.

When I think of the depth of my love for you my heart rate increases, my throat tightens, from my eye love manifests in a single tear.

No words could ever adequately say or describe just how much I love you. But, I dedicate my love to you beyond my lifetime.

So, with no cards, candy or gimmicks for Valentine’s Day this year …I say to my baby, I love you with all my heart. I love you…like a single tear.

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mrmelody7 says:

Write on everyday is Valentine

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