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Her beauty isn't measured by some European standard of what beauty should be but by her confidence and the fact that she is loving the skin she's in. To me, that alone is beautiful.

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A Quiet Summer Rain

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She regrets now
the time spent sulking

As if her tears 
could wash away the pain 
of his infidelities

But her heart 
was heavy laden
and burden with shame

She cried

For she couldn't understand 
for the life of her
his wanton gratuitousness 
for leisure parlor affairs

Wasn't she good enough

The sacrifices she made 
to be with this man
who now causes her 
so much heartache and pain

She was numb with disbelief
she no longer had control of her tears
they fell freely

Like a quiet summer rain

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SYQ222 says:

Beautiful very touching!!

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Odonko-ba says:

Thank you my Sista.

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