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Her beauty isn't measured by some European standard of what beauty should be but by her confidence and the fact that she is loving the skin she's in. To me, that alone is beautiful.

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A Violent Space (revised)

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Looking out my window

Upon a violent space

Observing sullen souls
Abstracted against the madness
Society's masterpiece composed in blood

A daunting delineation of
The craziness associated
With physical existence
Insistent upon their destruction

Violent faces consumed in violent places
Unforgiving of yesterday

Misconceived pawns in a game
Of imminent annihilation
And I
My life
A mere speck within
The infinity of time
An atom amongst atoms
Blowing in the wind


An unknown entity
Ejaculated by society
The inner mechanics of that which I came

Driven by insanity
Stimulated by a turbulence unseen

I, a product of my society
Prostituted by puppeteers
Manipulating my Actions into
Capitalistic gains

Bloodsucking maggots in the heat of passion
Feeding off my soul

For I am!
Society's masterpiece

More precious than gold

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Ladypoet45 says:

Nice work. Dig the flow. Thank you for sharing this.

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Odonko-ba says:

Thank you Poetess

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