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got a new poem ready for this Sunday!! It's entitled "The Unspoken Lesson".

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A Simple Prayer

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Assuming things that has never taken place Only in the darkness of my mind An entity of over anixety takes its rightful place Amongst my sorrows. Crying to express empty emotions I know not what I do, A confused soul who seeks guidance from others and manipulate What was already told to my heart. Dear Lord My soul is restless I stand on the verge of destroying relationships I stand on the verge of destroying uncrossed bridges, I stand on the verge of destroying myself. Attacked by my inner demons I cannot win alone, my self confidence is swaying as the seasons pass But most of all my confidence in You is fading. I ask for strength to stand in Your word my battles are for you to fight not I! Do away with my insecurities! Soothe my troubled heart for I am restless

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greeneyez says:

Very honest poem..i like it. ;-)

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j.king337 says:


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