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ghetto Boy

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 Uneducated, loud,crazy, Is what some people say when they see me.

How can you judge me and you dont even know me.

Judged on a daily basis, considerd a criminal, a theif, a drue dealer, a weed smoker, baby daddy, And why? all because of my swag and blackness.

The ghetto may be where i came from, But dont judge me because i do have an ed-u-ma-kay-shun.

True some may be the drug dealer, the theif, the weed smoker, the baby daddy, But you cant make that judgement about everybody.

" Why do you talk so ghetto im often asked, Its part of the slang, part of the culture, its not something i can mask.

The ghetto is where iam from , Not who iam, I may talk slang, wear my baggy pants, But doesnt mean im not a decent man.

"Look at him, he looks like a thug, That may be true, But iam not the type that has to go around and insteal fear.

Take note for thoses of you who choose to judge me as the ghetto boy, for thoses who judge based on my swag,for thoses of you who assume im uneducated and disadvantaged.

Who iam has nothing to do with the ghetto, slang, or my swag,
No matter what i will be judged by people who think iam wasted garbage.

As a black man it takes courage to stand and be strong,
To except the judgement that comes along.

So in the end im proud to be the ghetto boy within.

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