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The strong black man

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Can you see that strong black man, Walking around without a stretched out hand. Standing strong and proud, Never giving any thought to those who speak bad about him out loud. Confident in who he is, Working everyday to take care of his kids. A strong black man, Living life and doing what he can. Never being discouraged by life and being dealt the wrong hand, Still standing strong teaching his son how to be a man. Proud to be black never wishing he could take it back, A protector of those he loves, Giving thanks for what he has to the lord above. Never impatient waiting on what’s his, This is.. what a strong black man is. A strong black man knows his past, Reminding himself daily that this wont last. The strong black man knows life is hard, Teaching his son to be strong and always to work extra hard. Finding ways to prove that the image that people give of black men are wrong, Remembering this is a process and this may take long. Respecting his women and all her worth, The strong black man wouldn’t trade her for a dime on earth. The strong black man is never insecure of his women’s achievements, Always being there to cheer her on and take joy in the moment. The strong black man has had a hard life, Still trying to press on and do what’s right. The strong black man holding his head up strong, Still able to teach his son a life lesson, Never give up and always stay strong.


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Te'ArraPoetry says:

Powerful piece.

latin_lover says:

Wow, this is the top viewed poem on the Vibe! Excellent write.

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