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Hey Poetryvibe Family!! I been away for awhile but "I'M BACK!!!"

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A Poem About Expressing ME

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I’m not your Average Type of Woman;
My Inner Beauty just Stand Out.
Even though I may come off as Timid;
Being Articulate is what I am about.
A Poem that Evolves around Me
So, where should this poet begin?
If I have to express myself vividly,
My Inspiration will come from within.
I’m blessed with quite a Talent;
I have developed quite a Skill.
I have been told that I am gifted;
My Words you are able to Feel.
I carry myself as a Young Woman;
I maintain a positive Vibe.
I Am Blessed in the Lord and
Highly Favored
The Lord Blessings He has Provide.
I was raised Under Christian Beliefs,
A young woman of the Lord.
My Parents raised me up Right,
Every day I live by his word.
I try to show myself Friendly,
I try to keep myself wise.
I try to be very honest
Because the truth is within the Eyes.
My Motivation is to inspire you,
To give you seed of thought
To give you something to Ponder
To share what you were taught.
So, now you know a little about ME
I have a lot of Talent as you can see
So, if by now you haven’t figured it out
Writing Poetry is what I am ALL About.




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Wize Dom says:

I bow to to you queen poetry, keep on flowin.

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