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Religious Lies



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I have been despise with lies, victimized from the sounds of cries that maximized my mind like liquor thoughts in the middle of this mirror, identify by symbolized symbols, express indirectly by images that sympathized this uncivilized life behind tinted windows, wrapped in shackles and chains that are lighting us up like we are Christmas trees in the middle of winter, where they atomized their lies through worldviews, that got us mimicking scientific doctrine, that turn our minds into very small liquid droplets, separated, distinct, and alone, orbiting in space, as we fantasize through old lies while new generations get politicized on CNN at ten, where we are scandalized and criticized, and in the same breath praised and idolized why being ripped to pieces as they analyzed our minds...now my intentions has been demonized, but in my eyes I realized their lies, like chop up bodies, specialized in customized skin, where they have christianized our society with pagan religious practices that were incorporated into Christian traditions, through signalized intersections within the interchange of a two-phase operation that socialized with creation, that initialized directly to our minds that digitized global brains in these times, like we are itemized deduction that is systemwide in poverty equalized..."Can't you see that the ships just arrived?"...and we have been systematized with this system lies, self-fertilized through the used of generalized mathematical theories, only to discovers that out life, our breathing, and our heartbeats has been colonized by the inescapable powers of religious Lies... Religious Lies...Aug. 18, 2023... written by Sa Ra Safari Messiah

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Thus, be that eternal need to search and be granted Divine Wisdom and Guidance from beyond to be shared with one another. The power mongers continue to edit all "Good Books." Thanks for another profound awareness write, ONE. Peace and Love.

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