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The Pride of Ignorance



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I stand only, but am I'm really only when I can feel the warmth of the storm ripping through my bones as a king torn from his throne... Torn from his home, only to be a man caged in the form of a stone, throwing among the bones, where the rats and roaches approaches me like vultures, eating at my flesh like locusts... This life feels hopeless, as soulless beings control us to focus on the Passover like a photo painted by Michelangelo... "How can Jesus please us, when we are mirror dust, curse, as we thirst for water... We are the executive order that was place here to work harder... We are the Vines that feeds their minds, as we sit blind, Lost in time as time unwind time till men in shackles and chains again... This is the emancipation of new dins... The proclamation of living as enslaves men in the states pen... Where the state of minds are obtaining and their conscienceness has descended like the winds... In this black smoke, I choked from the noose around my throat... "How can I cope when this reality is sci-fi and humanity is tongue tied with only the gun to survive... It's like we have became one with their lies, masquerading like we are the nice guy, when we really are the mule to their plow... The flames to their fire as they step higher and higher until we are looking for our blessings to fall from the sky... "How many lives has been controlled through their lies?" "How many lives have to be the fruit to the flies?" River's has grew from our cries only to drown us in the pride of Ignorance... The Pride of Ignorance written by Sa Ra Safari Messiah kamau

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