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A Life Time of Pain



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Rat race, black face, confused minds, combined with a life built off of a lie... Institutions, doctrines and beliefs, the philosophy is complete, yet we can't see because we are still trapped at the feet of this beast... living defeated in peace... The entertainment unleashed like puppets covered in white sheets, where agony and frustration fill the streets like polluted creeks... Trash fill minds has destroyed the bloodline, now all we can hear is his blood is mines as history press rewind to see the times of my memory line... My eyes are open but my vision is blind, flatline...so death feels like the only way for me to breathe... Hate feels like a disease that pleases my soul...my heart grows cold, as jealousy and envy fill this hole...yet, I can't rest even though I have been Left for death... Trapped within self until I rebuilt myself... design my mind to transform from the American monster, by traveling down the path of the Sankofa line... I am the black star, so each line shines as I write a New lifeline off of Garvey's lifetime, where men continue to live blind... And self-destruction never rest, where trust has became a sin...where men trust no men, but celebrate the destruction of all men, as Babylon system continue to kill more and more of our black men... "How can One say life can have a new beginning, when we continue to commit the same sins of lost men like we are orbiting in time, where generation after generations are living blind in pain because the chains of slavery still remain in control of our brains, as we continue to live in shame which is a lifetime of pain... A Life Time of Pain.. written by: Sa Ra Safari Messiah kamau

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mlowe5 says:

Great write Sa Ra Safari Messiah Kamau! Thus, be your name. So must you be. Go now to tell Ourstory that we can and will continue to be our life's story before this male crap! Remember, we reach this far because in this bastard beginning, because of those who endured the oppressive pain, we may healingly proceed. Write on in awareness. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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