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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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I just hit the top level of the hotel’s program rewards 

Thought my life would change by using some of those points towards

The purchase of some gifts or a weekend getaway

Buy when I tried to book a suite for my next birthday 

I couldn’t use the points I earned to book a fancy resort 

Turns out, that I was still about several thousand points short

So I scrolled down the list of gifts that I don’t even need

Jewelry and clothing made of tweed

So I choose a birthday present and used my own money to book the resort

Now the balance shows $0 on my rewards points report

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mlowe5 says:

That new "Catch 22". Praise and Glory to God for the giving of the points in another year of being perpendicular to the earth on the green side of the grass. Peace and Love.

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