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I didn't even wanna write this, so I opened up the back of my notebook to record it's work

Recalling the time, recalling the hurt

I wanna fix it, but the tools I do not possess, I gotta allow learning no cheating on this test,

It is a long story, and in it no one wins expressing tons of points of view

I didn't even wanna think on it, the hurt of it all so true.

Turning the pages backwards just like I wish I could events. Rewriting in pencil what I'm writing in pen

Erase this line and that one,replace it a new

Rewrite history ...YEA  I bet we all want to 

I wish, I long, I hope

God please help me cope

Rewrite your thinking and talking 

JESUS JESUS JESUS.....enough said 


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Charles2 says:

it's no mistake. The blessing, when you look back at what you might have wished you could erase when you realize the blessing in the lesson you take with you when you move on beyond your past mistakes

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TamaraD says:

Charles2…thank you for your comment. This poem also reflects on things that are out of ones control . It’s geared more so towards the serenity prayer. Thank you for the read and comment

love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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