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Saturday, September 23, 2023


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Coincides with first day of fall

and Autumnal equinox for said year,

where colorful splash kindled like tinder.

After I riff flecked about thee August

Autumn Equinox 2023,

this seasonal polymath teached you

fall Equinox will be Saturday,

September 23, 2023, at 2:50?AM,

in Northern Hemisphere

Eastern Daylight Time,

which spoiler alert thy

learned wordsmith (courtesy Google),

when (Our Sun) Welles

(exemplary Citizen Kane)

crosses celestial equator

i.e. (imaginary line in sheltering sky
wherein pantheon of mankind Bowles
above Earth's Equator

from north to south),

a barley detectable

quiet rye hit
(cum on feel the noise)
moment occurs.

Eyesore fissured gash – wide,

stripping crust of planet vied

where survival of fittest futilely tried
to the max, viz (courtesy

badass beastie boys of Homo sapiens)

exploited, offended, and violated
beholden hidebound sacred

contractually fragile important obligations

arranged marriage wedded

civilization and its discontents to Mother Earth,
(more like shotgun wedding)


alarming, blaring, and clanging

sounding Doomsday Clock,

where ambivalence unheeded

trebling cleft noteworthy
wound, where hide rubbed raw
each betrothed nsync, didst guide

generic hominids shrugging indifference

resembling Atlas sized fountain head

scathing tragic misguided

exploitative testament writ large,


where precious resources exploited

Homo sapiens railroading, snubbing,
and thumbing nose

despite flora and fauna espied

comprising onced vibrant edenic biosphere

(figuratively) asper dead

serious portentous desperate

global abuse decried

as feeble effort ignoring

inevitable demise doth decide


dismissively prophesying mocking
(burdensome), whence creator cried

resplendent raiment

adorned playfully chide,

sans whirled, wide webbed biota

adorn terra firmae analogous,

quadrants expectant wedded bride

named Gaia, when (dark and Stormy Dan
yells) Armageddon legatee - time ran

out for Homo sapiens meaning...


salvation to late for human
fate i.e. as does wrecking,

(falling on deaf ears) plea
as Mother Nature dost allied;

this observer awestruck,

knitted brows, cuz field day, sans

grim reaper will

glory in field day
whar crisscrossed lovely bones

numb skulls pay fealty.


Festive gatherings of
apple cider and pumpkin pie,

a distinct golden jacketed

matted palette well nigh

paints arboreal swath, sans

quiet riot of brilliant

color, that doth belie
rampant terrestrial, unreal,

and venal degradation aye

temporarily turning a (third)

blind eye apathetically, blithely,

and conveniently shunting aside


empyrean découpage citadel

betokens (bespeaks) autumnal arrival

two oh fifty ante meridian

chariot of fire emblazons telltale signature,

one humble human doth

bid summer and his squandered life adieu
courtesy handy dandy blue's clue
flora and fauna begin

to prepare for hibernation.

Onset of harvest time witnesses

courtesy sweat of one's brow
he/she doth reap (and feeling invigorated)
what they did sow.

Common type of implements utilized
when gathering in of crops
include small sickle, big sickle,

darat, gandasa and small axe et cetera.


The hand sickle is used to harvest crops

like wheat, maize, barley, pulses and grass etc.


Big sickle (Darat) used

to harvest fodder from trees

silent whoosh of sickle

signals harvest hew
and/or raking leaves,
which I eschew.


Already crisp cool mornings

sun kissed mine cheek

refreshing air wafts thru longish hair

trademark characteristic property

aging pencil neck geek

attends brief bathroom charge coffee

exotic brew jolted kidneys leak

urine not kidding water closet doth reek.


Especially third season upon us mortals

Montgomery county, Pennsylvania

said geographic real estate sloughs

(i.e. sheds) summer dog days

necessitating shuddered windows

disallowing natural aeration

to circulate thru unit B44
cozy one bedroom apartment.


I will stave off clicking on the heat,

as long as possible,
yet invariably come first frost

yours truly will renege

and surrender creature comfort,

albeit climate controlled temptation

similar when global warming

quite evident predicated upon

Farmers' Almanac prophetic prediction.


Though ecology minded
quick acclimation to unseasonable

hot or cold temperatures

finds me adjusting thermostat dial

mainly to thwart palmar hyperhidrosis

regarding turning on air conditioning

during sweltering triple digit

(Fahrenheit) thermometer readings,

versus absent sweaty hands
courtesy old man winter arctic blast.


Ah... remembrance of wood burning

stove late papa lit,

to dispense chill pervading childhood home

324 Level Road christened "Glen Elm"

within national (local registry)

when Leiper family initially occupied estate

at that time (think early twentieth century)

merely intended as summer getaway.


This time of year finds me

to reminisce and wax poetic

nostalgia more pronounced,

particularly as aspiring wordsmith

orbitz the sun seemingly

with greater rapidity

twelve months cycling at light speed

ruminating, punctuating equilibrium,

and narrating mortality


accentuated when flora and fauna

exhibit metaphorical raiment

presaging Mother Nature's fall fashion show

linkedin with approaching senescence

prompting generic garden variety Homo sapien

to rue his transience upon oblate spheroid.


Gentrification impossible mission
thus thy lovely bones will subsequently

become repurposed into ashes
sprinkled hither and yon to and fro
across elysium fields

of happy hunting grounds.

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