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“But… Poetry never left me”



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“But… Poetry never left me”


The world is a scarred tissue 

to all that inhabit it. 

The beings that occupy this 

place are worse than the 

devil's sins.

They use words 

that are empty…

Useless in all formats of 

emotions and creation… 

People who said that 

cared have left,

lovers and cherished 

ones have left, 

miscellaneous ones 

have come and gone.

But… Poetry has never left me. 

It is my lover that can never 

get enough from me.

It lusts after me as a foaming 

from the mouth mad meat 

eating driven beast starving for 

something to have in its belly.

Ready to sink its teeth into my 

flesh tasting the blood in my veins 

and crushing bone in the process.

Ravishing me to the point 

of death but there is no death 

but a birth of something 

new and vibrant and 

not inconsistent. 

Creating life, when my world 

is burning and turning.

It finds a way to ease me when 

I have the knife to my veins 

to end it all.   

It tells me to tell everyone 

to go to ***ing hell when

The stress is at the limit.

It shows me where the war 

and peace in the worlds 

ignorance lies.

Can you feel the pulse of it calling 

me or you to feed others what it 

wants to share or tell. 

es have come and gone,

Fakefriends have 

failed me in the end,

Family and loved ones have 

left me hanging in the wind. 

But… Poetry has remained my friend.

So when you’re sharing your life and its energy with someone and they tell you that your craft is a waste of time, you tell them to go throw themselves under a train because poetry has never failed you, or left you for another to lie, cheat, steal and defy.

My work, skills, imagination, thoughts, pain, joy, description of things are the best to me.

Who gives a damn what you think.

The fact is that poetry 

have never left me.

The fact is that it 

has stuck with me

through thick and thin.

I’ll use all that I must use to get 

the point across on a page but leaving 

it at the corner as if was a pile of 

garbage it will never be an option

as long as there is life in my veins. 

Seasons have come and gone,

hurricanes have come 

and destroyed, 

love has caused some of the 

worst damage in my world, 

jobs have fired me and have 

done some of the most injustice 

things against morality. 

But… Poetry has never left me.

Tell them, tell all that are in your life 

that nothing that they do will replace 

the thirst that we crave for the 

expressions of our minds that we 

jot down on the dotted line. 

Continue to feed me as 

a baby in its infancy. 


I still have so much 

to gain, so much 

to learn, so much 

to express. 


My thoughts are 

connected with 

the universe 24/7.


All my work when 

my days are done will 

be the ancient scrolls 

of wisdom.




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Ms.PoeticPassion says:

Love it! Poetry is my first love ..

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