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“It Comes with a price”



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“It Comes with a price”

I must say,
I must say,

That the heard of emotions and dreams have come my way.

At this late night I am haunted by reading some collaborations that created shear juggernauts of felt
expressions of love, pain, uncertainty and desire.

I have written poems that have melted the hearts of some of the unique and dynamic women of this world.

And although some for of them, my actions had burned a hole in there core, my words have severed their emotional existence.

I surely take the blame for that…

I can only say I am sorry.

Falling in love…

It comes with a price,

Becoming infatuated…

It comes with a price.

Indeed I meant
every word I said,
every poem I sent,
every salacious sentiment,
every imaginary literal colloquy.

I ask now as I am older and wiser
and reset in my life in the proper place.

Your forgiveness please…

Because the price that we have all paid, burns inside of me, knowing and understanding the pain that I have caused all of thee.

Has come with a price beyond me ever knowing.




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Ms.PoeticPassion says:

Love it! Great write

naze00011 says:

Ms.PoeticPassion - Thank you so much for reading this poem. I am glad that you enjoyed it.

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