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Tidal waves do sting



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Tidal waves do sting

My obsession is not a poem that you can say,

A song you can sing.


My obsession is a tidal wave that stings...


Love, wanting more than love...


Wanting the companionship that will never 

depart but again we are talking about matters 

of the heart.


I bleed tears,

I cried sorry,

I lost.... I lost...


So many times I lost... I was too consumed by being 

on the beautiful beach playing, loving and enjoying 

the feeling.


But I forgot what could come, 

The violent crashing of a 

wave that I would succumb to

The hurt and pain that would 

come again and again.


Tidal was do sting...


How did I go from being happy and carefree

to tearful and mourning by the wave that hit me.


I was obsessed with wanting her back but the 

response I got was worse than a slap.


How, how can I revive when I lost a piece of my life...


By: Naz'e 3-13-19


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