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The Perfect love



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“The perfect Love”


The perfect Love Is that special feeling
That you find with that one special person
and no one else.


 It's the feeling you get
when you have explored the depths
of someone's mind and soul
and talking to that person never
becomes old.

It's taking that long walks
and matching each other
step for step.

It's respect and honesty
and being able to express 

yourself freely and passionately
while giving yourself completely
to another and never having to wonder.

It's tolerances when you're running low on patience
Love is watching what is grown from the seeds that 

you've sewn, Love is a lifetime often symbolized by a ring
a perfect complete circle meaning infinity and eternity.

Too often I find my sisters and brothers
looking in all of the wrong places.

Desperately trying to fill their empty spaces
never realizing that love is like fine wine
to achieve perfection it takes time
So when people ask me where is this perfect love
I tell them, before you look for it in someone else 
Look for that perfect love within yourself......

Just feel me on this one...

Love is a type of thing that no one should be without.

So, why are so many of my sisters so lonely and distressed? 


Why are there so many of my brothers so lonely and

Where is that one perfect love they are searching for?

Love is the type of thing that should come from the heart 

with joy and freedom not strife and misleading..

Even though life has a tendency to be unfair and it seems 

 no one is the world does not care, but there should still be
love available for everyone.

Where is that one perfect love...

The type of love that Romeo & Juliet felt,

the type of love that Samson & Delilah felt.

That crisp burning feeling of joy. 

Naz'e ?/?/06

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