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Raspberry Park



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?Raspberry Park?


You are my Raspberry Park


Sweet as honey,


nicely toned like 

brown sugar,

Red & pink as Strawberries 

in my favorite spots.


I could go on and on 

but why should I 

when the truth 

of the matter is.


I want to dive 

between those 



And lick in places that 

never see daylight.


You are my Raspberry Park


Nubian so fine, beyond 

to be called a dime. 


A face of beauty, 


Eyes of fire


Succulent lips,


voice of desire,

topped with chocolate 

syrup on both 

mountain peaks, 


Coca Cola bottle 

shape frame,


Sugar Cane juice 

in the middle, 


a true apple 



and thighs that 

would melt any 

man’s eyes. 


Yes, baby you are 

considered a crime. 


To be so damn fine!


Quivering in 

a state of 



And I have yet 

to touch you.


Taking my thoughts and 

imagination of us in a dark 

room filled with candles all around. 


With in scents giving 

a haze but it smells 

sweet and serene. 


Our bodies naked.


 fighting to hold back 

the raw desires within. 


You and I stare at each 

others eyes seeing red. 


Warriors, ready to wage 

war of physical entanglement.


Sweat and what is left of 

us still moist on the sheets. 


We kiss as if we?ve 

never kissed in life. 


But we are 

creating life?


A life of passion 

between you and I. 


That's what I am envisioning 

when that time comes 

and the many other moments to be.


Oh, I wish to experience 

 this chaos of joy and 

exhaustion with you 

from tonight till the 

morning light.


You have me stiff 

as a battleship?


I welcome you to 

drain all of my fire 

and leave me in the 

form of just smoke.


Yes, I want you to 

do that to me.


I want all that cream 

that you?ll give me 

from your raspberry.


Leave a residue of 

you on my skin.


Nubian, Nubian can you 

hear my sins that I can 

turn into blessings. 


You are my Raspberry Park?


Sweet as honey,


nicely toned 

and tasty like 

brown sugar,


Red & pink as  

Strawberries in my 

favorite spots.


I shake my head when

I think and look at you

so much that I get knots.


September 2nd & 3rd, 2006


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