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just different

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Never come to me to speak in secrecy

No words secreted egregiously

Yet spoken as omens vehemently

Do you agree with me?

I no longer believe IN ME!

Losing my sanity is deceiving me

But it’s just another day at the park, unbelievably!

My lyrics were learned from leniency, quite easily

Speaking in secreted cadence we proceed to be

A Behemoth that speaketh cerebrally

Not a pacifist with a passive fist, but I believe in speaking peaceably

Even if what I proceed to speak exceeds what’s considered legal, see?!

Is it illegal to hold The Secret Key?

Yet not share it with the world inconveniently

The playing field was created unevenly

Yet we as a species continue to believe it obediently

But never mind, guess we’ll never find

A clever mind that could sever ties

Or simply deal with the coming coldweather binds

Maybe Im just tired of BEING A KING

Yet feeling like a simple squire, yes LESSER

The more I wish 2 promote my dopeness

The more we see and feel the power of the oppressor

The never ending aggressor dressed in leather

A red heifer with low blood pressure

That was bent over on the dresser

As THEY forcefully undress her to possess her

Spitting down her throat for their own pleasure

Seeking to ENTER

NOT SILENTLY, but violently through intense and immense pressure

She’s scared and feeling faint, yet getting wetter

Will these beasts of men be considered a treasure?

Of course not, yet they are the historically known successors

Successfully controlling governments that are hovering

Scolding and smothering the mother and

And no matter what one does, to whomever

They control the food and economic LEVER

Not because they’re anymore witty or clever

But because with satanic forces they’re bound to and tethered

HOWEVER, this clever professor with conjectures

Will soon seek to lecture Hannibal Lecter

And will be killing this with my syllabus

And sprinkle TRUTH with a little salt & pepper

And looking back, maybe the truth was spewed in error

But in this current era, I am the harbinger and bearer

Of the scary facts dispersed with tact, even if I lack

Or fall off track, at least I KNOW I’m not here to distract

Or spit in a diss track, while I wait for you to spit back

I’d rather lyrically lather you through frequent frequencies

Though Im seen as an inconvenience being

I speak about the grief in me, and how I scream grievously

Even recently, though I flow regally and ceaselessly

It still comes to me easily, yet difficult equally

Maybe I'm speaking these beliefs facetiously

All I KNOW is that Im probably the closest

To reaching HIP GNOSIS

Making spiritual truths appealing and an incredible trend

So just consider me your lingual chemical skeptical friend

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write

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mlowe5 says:

Yes! So should we be in the awareness of the twisted lies in their history and the God truth of OURSTORY! Let us be as is the profoundness of the Title of this great write! Thanks for sharing us with us. ONE. Peace and Love.

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