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Thanksgiving gobbledygook


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The following anecdote baste
upon overactive imagination of mine
in sync with being married
and monogamously living socially chaste
life as a scrupulous anchorite,
whose weather beaten corporeal flesh
plus sabotaged, riddled,
and tuckered psyche effaced
after becoming adequately stuffed,
this turkey (in the straw)

then flapped his trussed wings
(at the speed of sound)
if listening closely echoes refrains
from Amazing Grace,
(which words reflections of John Newton,
a slave trader
who nearly died in a shipwreck,
and who eventually became a minister.
after which he penned the famous words
of "Amazing Grace" for a sermon

for his 1773 New Year's service
at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul)
unable to escape ill fate of mine
i.e. being analogous to cooked goose
subsequently found him interlaced
with various and sundry
other dead animals
fixed to be mounted
(courtesy a taxidermist) on a wall.


The holiday dates back
to November 1621,

when the newly arrived Pilgrims

and the Wampanoag Indians

gathered at Plymouth

for an autumn harvest feast,

an event regarded

as America's “first Thanksgiving.”


Ever since then throve,

a commercialization, commodification,
commination and communication war,
where many a big box department store

large-scale buildings

of more than 50,000 square feet,

the store is usually plainly designed

and often resembles a large box

for example Walmart, Home Depot,


Tesco, and Ikea are examples

of big-box retailers,
but never forget warehouse clubs

such as Costco and BJ's
considered the original kind
of big-box retailers nevermore

to witness mom and pop businesses
(small business entities
that thrive independently and spurred

pick/pull yourself up
by bootstraps guild den age,
or family-owned) hardcore
bricks and mortar outfits
prominent during pre industrial
high societies, when love's labour's lost
venerated, serenaded, and promenaded
like The School of Scandal of trysts,
buzzfeeding the literati
with tantalizing amour.

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