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Off kilter



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I sobered up
despite expressing regular
(unleaded and unlettered)
urge to shtup
expunged courtesy
system of a down.


The following crafted some time ago,
when empty nest syndrome
pulled me psyche taut
analogous to an outstretched bow
yet the shadow of mine eldest

of two adult charming progeny,
would be aghast and crow
against her papa posting erotica
elucidating, jumpstarting, parading
adventures of his sorry excuse for
cuz he (yours truly)

nearly wrecked marriage


cavorting, gallivanting, lapping
residual womanly exudations
analogous to volcanic Earthflow
witnessing (at mere auto suggestion
of Barenaked ladies bliss,
albeit short lived),
how agnst riddled Peppy (mine)
did bulge, expand and grow

a measly wienerschnitzel
inducing Jolly Green Giant to guffaw
with a hearty ho... ho... ho.

Ever since deux darling daughters

dearly departed dada
for distant horizons where
unknown opportunities

beckon, mine emotional state
like a sinusoidal wave doth veer
above n below this imaginary

cerebral Maginot/Mason

Dixon line me bit size uber Uighur
village people segregated


to a patch of sterile ground
invisible fenced in o’er there
essentially the analogy (if vague)
constitutes a figurative dichotomy

of selves mind canst share
without psychological

tectonic shifts that evoke me
to drift within the continent of Matthew rare

lee ever able, eager n ready to allow, enable
n provide peace of mind –


which doth seem queer
yet to the outside observer

no evident of me
self experiencing wrenching

disequilibrium hup pear
while inside this har noggin o mine
near collisions sans

microscopic airplanes at mine O’hare

interleaved gray matter reactivate

an out of control maelstrom
evidencing as panic attack near

thine thinking plain tarmac expressions
per empty nest syndrome akin

to a foal seeking his/her mare
occasioning this papa to take comfort

in ma man cave lair
cause feeling discombobulated

would invite lookers on to jeer
helter skelter mental state zigzags

defying prediction from Kare
11 (Owned by Tegna Inc.,
the station maintains studios

on Olson Memorial Highway
in Golden Valley and a transmitter
at the Telefarm site
in Shoreview, Minnesota station –
google if ya hear
doubt firing inside yar own

wheels, cogs and functioning gear)
though that philosophical strand

goes off track sans this flair
up of internal distress –


natural after shocks whence e’er
beguiling, charming, doting,
entertaining temptations
(within the fifth dimension) to dare
their nubile bodies to bump up

against (figuratively) clear
indications of autonomy,

dichotomy, globally nascent blare
ring femininity, levity, reproductively…

within the eth air.


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