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Isis staind 27+ years...



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of scorpion stinging poison us marriage,
whereby the missus and I,
nevertheless experienced genesis as
mama and papa respectively.

(jest kibitizing)

thus explaining why I
(a beatle browed
sixty five year young adult)
joined blue oyster cult
to live out my dream as
a Norwegian bachelor farmer
yours truly doth exult.

Without wearing a helm mitt on my head,

yet did suffer inxs
of welts the size of cranberries

amidst talking heads, whose traffic
mishap of cars unable to stp,

thus this passenger indistinguishable from
avast metallica skidrow populated

with heart shaped pearl jam wreckage
upon smashing pumpkins everywhere

with an evanescence shimmering

like spilt midnight oil, which dire straits


charged the super tramp ping

man-made debacle into kiss

from grateful dead village people whose
beatle brows scrunched tight

creating black crows imprimatur
resembling little feet easily mistaken

for hairline fractures,
which strongly appealed

to the goo goo dolls,

who lived three doors down

purportedly within which


resided a queen latifah

(an iron maiden ruling america)

plus when asked for bread, she point

in one direction, mere rolling stones away

the black eyed peas, whose ac/dc power

crowded house did feel

as if 10,000 maniacs

did squeeze into a tine hole,

thus forsaking experiencing nirvana,
with near asphyxiation attributable

to lack of air supply

so carpenters got called


to expand and golong

with a gilt emblazoned cupola –

just for kix, and to lure

any wonder full steve adore,

which teamsters included
skilled one tradesman

roof WinWrite, these collective souls,
a veritable culture club unto themselves

off phish shill lee within the a similar

reo speedwagon as sly and the family stone

choosing king crimson

to manage the influx


qua motley crue, which jane's addiction

kept ideal bad company for alice n chains,

the latter whose enslavement
akin to cinderella deprived such indigo girls

to jet set with their sought after
prince charming (even resigning themselves

to a Jethro tull type), or a chap
similar to the garden variety allman brothers,

who didst serve to Lumineers
doobie brothers morale booster


to an imaginary dragon

(which beastie boy
foo fighting animals owned

by the legendary kings of leon),

whose mythic storied
BuzzFeed incorporated their encounter

with blondie (who donned a golden earring),

which Dixie chick happened to be hail a van

driven by the everly brothers,

which latter escaped be combing caged

like monkeys in a zoo,


and carved out a niche

as beach boys blessedly banished,

where they fed on red hot chili peppers
dredged via bay city rollers

to sustain their being a survivor,

and welcomed by experiencing rebirth

viz genesis, whar

mambo kings proffered palliative
to smooth kinks concomitant with cast off

as a foreigner on maroon 5.


Zealousness yowled x wise,

venturesomely urged viz thighs
sensuousness roared qua prize of nascent

marvelous libidinal kisses jeweled iridescent

hides genital fulfillment

explodes delicious capacious brides’
atonement breathtakingly conceding conception

decides elopement fashions gustatory hoopla

insides jot kickstarter

latching mightily nourishing oxides
maids visited unmet

testosterone satiation roared.


Queefer madness puckering of naked missus
(a veritable madonna)

meowed lamentably kindling joyousness indeed.


Hotmail garnered fingerhut egghead

drew capitalone BuzzFeed amen.

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