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Lovely enchantress of cyberspace



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Betwixt and between us
lies an immense untraversable realm

of never knowable forbidding possibilities

quixotic, rhapsodic, sympathetic, telepathic...,

where tantalizing, scandalizing, and revolting,

nevertheless promising fantasies beckons

buzzfeeding, crowdsourcing, dovetailing,
earthshaking, foo fighting, hashtagging,
jump/kick starting, twittering
uber whatsapp pining

toward pinteresting paroxysms
of mental, physical, and spiritual ecstasy
courtesy hotmail testosterone teasing temptation,

thus methinks of the infinitely jesting

combinations and permutations,
where we could frolic in the autumn mist
in a land called Honah Lee
far from the madding crowd

starkly aware of naked (lunch) able truth,

the one predominant potential

to become linkedin narcissistically -

betokens prematurely ejaculated salvation

back sliding against turpitude,

how laughable when

within body electric of mine

these lovely bones linkedin

where hypocrisy reigns supreme

validating yours truly (me) deserving

casanova wannabe comeuppance

about a decade and a half after

risqué monkey business
came back to our abode

at 724 West Railroad Avenue,

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

as a tongue tied guilt riddled spouse

exuding culpable, deplorable,

and execrable friggin gall

unbridled travesty spent

ideally groomed for male escort

tasting tender verboten hello kitty vittles


totally tubular transgressions,
I tiptoed thru the tulips
the missus issuing rank vehemence

being livid with rage an understatement

against husbandly underhandedness
warranting his well deserved
videre licet just desserts,
where doled out tidbits heavily sprinkled

with accusation, condemnation, fulmination,

she eyeing sharp object, whereat


wife subsequently mulled over

dead serious contemplation

humiliation in juxtaposition with jugulation

repentant spouse himself gladly experienced

punishing blackened barbs
accompanied additionally
by little puncture wounds
scoring the skin courtesy

analogous to titanium bullets
shot out from beebee gun


eliciting character assassination
involving, seducing qua inveigling,
masterfully baiting adultery

most beastly conniving divorcée
gallivanting across Cumberland Farms
in flagrante delicto gourmand

luring complicit mistress

during dead of winter ~ 2010

toward rock within copse
housing The Washington Memorial Chapel

built in 1903 serving dual purpose.


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