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Ramblings of a slight maniac, heart of a hopeless romantic. Visions of a possible prophet, sometimes i feel that ive lost it

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We; Two



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Playing with my Heart,

Toying with my mind,

Running game on me that I once ran on another,

Ive never seen two s so in love with the idea of another loving them to much.

Vain ;vain ;vapid little beta fish circling one another in the bow. 

A couple of attention whores battling for the others undivided attention.

Frustrated that you cant control me,

Appalled that I cant sway you,

I just want to be worshipped like the piece of God that I am...

I just want to worship you like the piece of God that you could be...

Id have given you all you needed if only you could have learned how to love me. 

"Have your ice cream and your cake too" 

If you'd kown how to do so.

We'd both have had rocky road...

Im used to getting my way... 

Your used to being the way... the light... the truth...

But there is little in you .

But boy is there hell in both of us !!

I'll burn this thing down...

You'll light this thing up...

Neither having enough regard for the other.

All these tender emotions and reverance towards the other... 

But no pardons on either end.

I love you even when your insufferable,

You need me even when Im unbearable.

Vapidness fills the space between us.

You cant hear me,

I cant feel you. 



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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Two beta fish in a bowl may find it more of an advantage to swim around and think about how two can become one in the bowl, rather than contemplate jumping out of the "watered bowl to be free. Just a wet thought from one to two seeking to see and feel. ONE. Peace and Love.

Bragee says:

Acceptance of flaws on both ends is the only true way to peace!

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