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lightness in the dark
Ramblings of a slight maniac, heart of a hopeless romantic. Visions of a possible prophet, sometimes i feel that ive lost it

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I can feel my sadness coming down,

banished her to the snowy peaks of my souls mountain for so long.

I can hear my rage coming in, 

She's been resting in the cool depths of my spirits ocean for what seems like a lifetime. 

I can smell my depression lurking about,

He's been trapped under my hearts foot stool many a day and many a night. 

Awakening with leaky eyes,

Never been more dissapointed by the suns presence.

Anticipation of eternal sleep...

The desire to run head first into eternal peace...

Perpetual exhaustion, 

Striving through the hardships used to being the "strong woman",

Smilling through the sadness for its been my most constant companion, 

Knowing that you are the sibling who single handedly disgraced your fathers legacy. 

Killing yourself to uphold your mothers pristine reputation...

This life must be woven from the coarse fabric of struggle. 



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Breadcrumbs2021 says:

Grab a piece of that fabric and hold on, no matter what, and when the pieces don't fit get a safety pin, a piece of rope, beneath the sadness find something new.

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mlowe5 says:

It's ok to forgive one's self and iron out the wrinkles of internal struggle. ONE. PEACE AND LOVE.

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