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My body has to feel you

It's not just lust

maybe because I actually need you

I'm more selfish with you then a pastor on wall street

If I have to fight for your love than call me beat

Call me weak

Call me stupid

Call me whatever you want

But as long as you have my number

Promise me you'll never lose it

If you leave me I won't cry

When that day come I'll die

Not literally but my soul will leave my body

I know loving you is dead wrong

But, to me it's a hobby

You're the only woman I know that'll pull up on a Sunday and give me that sloppy toppy

In your church clothes,  I know you're a freak

But you're the one

Forget them other hoes

Your venus got me whipped

Damn girl I'm your slave!

You're one bad as

That never behaves

But you mine

And If you leave me I won't move on

Because you're my spine

My rib

I had dreams about you having my baby

Buying you a crib

Working myoff so you can live

The life you deserve

Without you I won't speak

You are my words

It sounds like a curse

But if I'm not riding with you

Then I'll be riding in a hearse

But you first ...

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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mlowe5 says:

Deeply profound and beautiful! Love the pounding rhythmiobc flow of positive and determine obsessive love. Mayblessed fulfillment be with You, Pourit. ONE. Peace and Love.

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TEEDUB815 says:

Good Write!

Lyrically_Spoken says:

love this!

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