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just different

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I had to remind myself that you can still be told you’re loved and be hurt at the same time

I had to remind myself that you can be looked in the eye and still be told a lie 

I had to remind myself the body rejects what doesn’t belongs to you 

Whole time I’m blocking all the reds flags I see in you

Sweet text and I appreciate you 

But when I call all I get is…your call has been forwarded to a voicemail that has not been set up yet.

No return text, just left wondering where you been at? When will I get time with you next? 

Damn she must really got you good…

Cause I been sitting in the same thoughts and wonders 

Does he care? 


What did i do? 

Because the parts of me I’ve given you can’t compare to the temporary satisfaction she’s giving you! 

Yet, you continue to feed me excuses 

I just accept them and hope it’s not true 

What I’m feeling 

The things I’m thinking 

It’s just an illusion 

I will come to my senses and realize I was just overthinking 

That you wouldn’t hurt me 

You wouldn’t betray me in that way

I want to stop dreaming that you’re leaving 

Wake me up from this nightmare of you walking away 

As if I never exist to you

Can’t you see your family misses you? 

But I can’t wake up

I was never sleeping 

Just drowning in a sea of denial 

Holding on to knives of rejection 

Knowing if I let go the pain will subside 

But the thought of letting you go

Is what’s killing me inside….



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Pourit says:

Beautiful words

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Lyrically_Spoken says:

Thank you!

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love_supreme says:

Excellent write.

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Lyrically_Spoken says:

Thank you!

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