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I want to find forgiveness within myself 

I want to genuinely apologize to me

For breaking my own heart 

Betraying my own self

I’m sorry for letting you down

I abandoned you, when you needed me the most 

I didn’t listen when you warned me about them 

I didn’t pay attention to the signs 

I told you everything was fine

When truly I hurting you at this same time 

Forgive me for the late night cry’s 

The lies I fed us to survive 

I apologize! 

Please find it in your heart to see me as I am 

And not who I was

I acted out of character 

I was angry 

You were hurting and I just left you there 


Forgive me again and again 

70 times 7 

Please I beg you

I’m sorry to me 

I apologize to me 

I watched you drown in your own tears 



Never again

I’m showing up for me

I’m taking back who I am

And never will I lose myself 

In the ways of this world again 

Me to me 

Please forgive me

Forgiven I am.....

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Great write. Indeed, in seeking forgiveness, we must begin with self, realizing at last, who we are rather than who we were. Then we must be mindful that it will also take time for others to see us likewise: who we are now rather than who we were. I feel you and am now myself waiting. Thanks for the share, Lyrically_Spoken. Love this deep passionate flow. ONE> Peace and Love.

love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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Lyrically_Spoken says:

Thank you both!

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Newpanther says:

such awesome vulnerability...

Lyrically_Spoken says:

Thank you!!

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

To God The Glory! ONE. Peace and Love.

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