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Winter solstice 2023 in Northern Hemisphere


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10:27 Post Meridiem

Eastern Standard Time,

Thursday December 21

Location: 2 Highland Manor Drive

Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

40.2562° N, 75.4638° W

Sunrise time: 7:31 am↑(121°)
Sunset time: 4:46 pm ↑(239°)

Day length: 9:14:42.


Mine circadian rhythm pulsates bright

imperceptible increments of daylight

increase fantasy fanciful heavenly flight

as I imagine myself

Icarus fearlessly gaining height

blindly heading into sunbeam light

strongly advised courtesy experts to travel


toward nearest star at night,

nevertheless unbeknownst plight

awaits me should foolhardiness

skew sense and sensibility right

off kilter yours truly blithely soars

reins of waxed wings held tight.


Plus I, a garden variety generic guy

aging long haired pencil neck geek

who presently wonders why,

rare astronomical phenomena

hashtagged great conjunction 2020 doth defy

illusory phenomena whereby,


two largest planets of solar system

about 1095 five days ago
Jupiter and Saturn separated in the sky

amateur astronomer seen
courtesy visible/ naked eye

6 arcminutes at their closest point,

which was the closest separation

between the two planets since 1623.


Inhabitants upon solar systems far and wide

will find Earthlings and aliens alike

their curiosity well supplied

out of world event

sponsored courtesy monopolists.


American Family Insurance

chose home renovation

duo Drew and Jonathan Scott

aka Property Brothers sweat equity

find fixer-uppers and transform them

into dream homes

use state-of-the-art imagery programs

to unveil their plans for how

properties will look after transformation,

but potential home buyers

have to take risk

to make the twins' vision come true,

and it's up to Jonathan and Drew

to convince the couples

purchasing an older home

in need of work is best option.

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