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A positive impact on others


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Gratitude suffuses me today
at prospect to plumb the depths
of a fledgling friendship
(respecting fidelity to wife)
even one bound
within the parameters of cyberspace,
I feel courtesy your amazing grace
figuratively stitching omnipotent binding
with virtual satin and lace
proceeding cautiously to experience
belonging to human rat race.


Night and day, a thrashing
like an invisible whiptail
surge van hail,
doth swell me bosom
excruciatingly, doggedly blackmail

capriciously be-numbingly,
aggravatingly assail
mine conscience in
what paltry pale
capacity of this gamboling male,

I can "pay forward,"

whatever means shale
be moost apropos avail
to offset bewail

ling (internal psyche doth ale
hankering) against utter
lifetime (mine) peppered

with emotional, physical

and social destitution
bereft, viz fail
ling to maximize inspiration
reverberating as vibrant detail

lacking even justa minimum

desire to live
(visa vis no way

discover ring, nope nar even

"FAKE" king minuscule appeasement

of my body, mind,

and spirit triage during)

hell...shove (shelve) aside
such gloriously noble benighted role,
amidst upending folktale
re: King Arthur and His Knights


of the Round Table

futilely searching for holy grail,

where steadfast conviction
emboldens this heart and hale
spirited mindful,

sincere hard drive spurs
(neigh saying horse
sense of mine),
where ambition saddled
to air (dan sing) quailing,

yen propelling (yours truly),

with sincere humanitarian,

(i.e. blood driven)
philanthropic spiritual zeal,

I tried to unveil,
this reasonably rhyming thumbnail
sketch poetically versatile
within this spurious verse despite

any trials undermining travail

rather mine heart felt genuine

motive fueled by impetus

to contribute within e kale


logical, fizzy hollow gee, humanity,
with integrity, magnanimity,

and quality fervency,

while still adept, adroit,

agile, and alert,

(cuz America needs more lerts
to become great again)
ironically steel tougher than
nine inch rusty nails,
duh pleating ability dovetail

to bug (or wug) gee wholesale.


Adieu from Matthew Scott Harris
who tapped out this message
while holed up in his mancave
situated within Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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