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Canary Wharf



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You mocking bird, you singing humming bird 

You sky scraper and letter shedder 

You dismaying of lives, your swimming pools of lean machines

Working like a robot

Punching numbers and symbols 

And somewhere a daughter weeps for when it touched her land, her cry for wheat nothing left but the cusp shell of it in her bread bin 

The symbol tapper buys a Gucci Bag, he burys a diamond into her drink

Clink clink and Salud 

I think of prison sometimes travelling on a boat gazing the lights at night

Uber clipper 

I wonder is the adrenalin they feel a real heartbeat

Our youth giggle wearing leather trench coat near by me 

She's you know ''the crazy lady'' they giggle it increases as I frown a playful frown

Hearing the rivulets of a Robin now, red of breast 

As much as my mothers husband escape from Westminster postcode. At the canape party that laid my fate... passing tuna with a tiny slice of cucumber ontop a puff pastry, I laughed at that

Now the community whispers and sighs.  (A mental hospital)

I think as waves of river wish the dreams aside the boat 

Tis' not I needing the hot rooms and rest place, injection in butt

Those that get up and lean into working, healing, evolving countrys and contintent 

To sit steeped in phone or tablet punching symbols punching numbers 

To never set a foot there, if so; no dust would ever form on underarch 

In grave will they reach dead arm to tap on coffin requesting price of the oak or simply sing

Like mocking bird, like humming, like Robin 

With them we who provide fly. 

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Newpanther says:

adding to my "fave" list...

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Sassy says:

Thank you honoured :)

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love_supreme says:

Very nice! Missed seeing this poet

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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Soar on, Sassy. You have much to provide in a dove-way! ONE. Peace and Love.

TEEDUB815 says:

Wonderfully written

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