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Thundering Nights


There is power in sleep

Drifting to another planet

Where acceptance is gifted, magic on pillow

Removing sweats

No one witnesses my ascent

Noone holds the crescent of my bottom or womb

Tears are rising upwards

And I remember saying he approaches

The dark knight

I forgot to lock the door

I called my phone a gun

I held the corners laughing

A head nod means acknowledgement, without handshake

How my body shook to receive new beginnings

Life created

In the dark of Newcastle, the gritty streets, steaming fast cars and motorbikes

Crack houses giving spots to my clear complexion

Never on the pipe, yet the air we breathe is thick with it enough to be high

Kids faces snarled withered by rainy sheets of salt water

Streaming tears of lasses in leggings showing curves

Exposing all they had to offer

Married or laid down

I walk in thick purple coat, a negroe alone

Called Pet lighter shade I’m guessing

Asked to surf

Hiding the fact in baggy clothes and thick jacket that curves is all I to have

So I watch the surf humble to my desire to be part of the high life of Whitley Bay

Where there orange tans and designer clothers lay strayed near beach fire

My eyes corner as I descend into Schizophrenia or Bi Polar whatever they wish to call me

Unmarried, tarnished and disowned

Posh accent fighting my means

One pair of underwear bleaching clothes


I’m sold in West London from a foe

And so with thrust

I become


And in that is brilliance

Gods will

The ultimate test of my resilience

Which scurrys into sacral and solar plexus

I am Saturn

Turning as the world is burning.

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