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Loss Of Sensation



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there's a stranger that I know
there's a stranger that know me
too I refer to them as stranger
because they tend to act like 
they don't know me and I tend 
to act like I don't know them
in return I call they don't
answer the phone they call two
days later I don't answer the
phone I shoot a text they don't
reply I get a text a weak 
later I don't respond I know
it's wrong to do but me and
this stranger both got issues
I don't know who started 
playing this game first 
I'm old school so I feel like
what's good for the goose
but in the end we both gone
lose am I supposed to keep
reaching out for a hand 
that don't reach back to me
the distance is not that 
long don't get me wrong
when we talk we talk when
we together we together
but something strange 
alaways happen when we
part I know to move smart 
this stranger holds the 
key to open me therefore
I must guard the heart it's
already missing a piece 
to a part long as we're 
too afraid of getting hurt
we should know after all
this time it'll never work
but cutting ties with this
stranger is out of the 
question it would be like
severing a nerve severe
pain then the nerve has 
the nerve to no loger tell 
the brain about the pain
then the feeling is gone


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love_supreme says:

Very nice!

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mlowe5 says:

Love healing its own pain! ONE. Peace and Love.

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