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Happy 212th birthday Charles ens


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Though written three hundred
and sixty five days ago,
the following poetic commemoration

doth not warrant any modification.

Said prolific author born February 7, 1812,

whose living descendents
I would be thrilled to befriend,

hence if anonymous reader

by some genetic fluke

linkedin to said

prolific storied author

please kindly reciprocate.


greetings mutual friend,

hard times dash

great expectations in this bleak house,

whereby battle of life ensues

when Sunday chimes

from master humphrey’s clock

issue somber american notes

invoking overshadowing doom

from young gentlemen:

oliver twist, nicholas nickleby, barnaby rudge

martin chuzzlewit, david copperfield,


young cricket and on the hearth little dorrit

collaborated on pickwick papers

with dombey and son detailing

how I (a haunted man/

ghost’s bargain) alias mudfog

got self absorbed in his old curiosity shop

hunted down by boyhood days

(akin to an endless Christmas carol

frieze as child’s history),

now a thick dust covered holiday romance

memory portraying this signal-man


(according to george silverman’s explanation)

eerily similar to the mystery of edwin drood,

exiled after his trial for murder

birthing three ghost stories

inhabiting a haunted house

affecting the young couples lamplighter

an uncommercial traveler

evidenced by pictures from italy

prone to speeches, sketches

by boz and his lazy tour

an oft repeated tale of two

cities best read at dusk.

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