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The human race is a chase, the prey is our dreams.

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Like ‘White Chocolate’ or ‘Skip to my Lou’



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Bounce it on the floor

Dunk it thru the rim

Celebrate the win

Then do it all again!

Been ballin all my life…

Same effort and swag snagged my lovely wife

Sweated the same work ethic, in nearly every thing that I do

Kid, parents, writing, hell, even on my day job too!

When some say that I’m doing too much, its not a complaint 

I do what I do so often, ‘cause others simply can’t!

Far from humdrum

Somethin’ like a Harlem Globetrotter whenever I run

Y’all stressed and bored as hell, but me, I’m just having fun!

May as well, make it look cool, in a zone or one on one

They say that nothing is new under our sun

I disagree

Look at me!

I’m one of one, If you must ask

With seconds left on the clock

Will he shoot or pass?

From me, win or lose, all you gonna see is something with pizzazz!

Imma always do my best, even if nobody cares or asks!

Forget about Jordan or Bird

I’m like ‘White Chocolate’ or ‘Skip to my Lou’

With me on your team, we might not always win, but you gonna love what I do!

Bounce it on the floor

Dunk it thru the rim

Celebrate the win

Then do it all again!

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TEEDUB815 says:

JUST DO IT Bro. Peace and Blessings. TEEDUB815
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

You drafted Bro! Now, just keep doing your do! ONE. Peace and Love to you.

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warriorcarryingwater says:

Thanks mlowe5 and TEEDUB815!

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