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Judging me, is judging you



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To know me, is to understand how I move,

How I think

Judging me , is judging you

Yep it's true

The way words spill from our lips when we least understand

The expectations of misunderstood,

Fixating ideas upon what we think ,is right For another person's life Who the *** are we to judge

If we all was born into sin

Does that make me less human?

How can I taste a fruit that was pulled from a tree

That was meant for me

Then listen to a snake

Feeding me false accusations knowing by sight wasn't by vision 

 Filling me with impurities

Going against the grain

We all fallin' for illusuions from other lips illustrating their own version

Yet refuse to believe, whats existing, 

To only refuse it cuz we can't see it



How many times have you fell short Of a coming up?

Then rested your lips on someone else's mistakes

Taunting them for a quick laugh,

And felt guilty about your past?

Do you not see the imperfections in you?

If you forgotten

You a sinner too!!!

Felt words emotional flaws

Creating visions ,full of Intuition

Take Pride in your stride

And not in your intentions

Manifest wealth as a mindset

Not in the sense of pockets, but in Change

Wait I confused someone,  Let me break it down...

No matter who you are

A choice of change is a MINDSET RESET

When you manifest in the idea , you set a goal That becomes your story Untold Like a testimony,

Empowered by your ambition

If time waits for none

How can you waste it Judging?

How come what I eat makes you ?

And if we soooo different

Why do we have the same name


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love_supreme says:

Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

PROFOUND! Love the poonding rhythmic flow. ONE. Peace and Love.

TEEDUB815 says:

Nice Write!

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