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Whose the teacher



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How can you call her wife,

And enslave her,

How can you say i love him,

With false intentions

Why commit to forever and neither of you Feel complete

"I love you" only said thru passion

And means nothing 

Empty purpose holding promises,

Living double lives

Lying eyes

Dry tears

Yet screaming mentally

Embracing each others broken dreams

Like ,shattered glass

Using scotch tape to mend pieces

How can the seed yall planted

Gain truth,

Living in lies?

How can you say "i want better for you"

when looking in those little eyes

 When "better" never existed 


Toxicity and Karma have taken Head seats

"Love", faded with "Trust"

And fell for "Confusion"

That masked the illusion

With finger art

Curse words filling the air

Unhappy faces

With full hearts

Minor bruises an open wounds

How can "the best" breathe? 

"I want" wasnt worth wen it left your lips

And "for you" Should of meant something when it

started WITH YOU

You cant possibly teach, when you missed the


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mlowe5 says:

Profoundly true, Trou813! An excellent teaching canvas. As I always teach my students, "Don't be sorry; be aware!" ONE. Peace and Love

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