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Karma of Love



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Chess : Every pawn means nothing , mindlessly pushed to the side, as the Queen thinks her Night will take flight, for a rescue, Until the Rook shoots his shot as the bishop sways his way , Now the King CHECK!! BEFORE the Queen sees her Mate

  CHECKERS : Game of thrones, survival at its best, wen you thought you strategized above the rest, Then with snatched pride, still you stride ,Ur anxiety struck , Now u aiming to block every move as ya "boys" see you get played, Forcing her smile to a frown having to king your crown set up for a let down

CONNECT FOUR: the freak , ashawo, of the bunch wanting what you can't have , forcing your way to the top,  two heads aren't enough, You want more, willing to shut an open every door, Until u connect 4

Karma has her many ways to express the worst leaving examples of what could of been your best, 

Be mindful of how you treat each other lead by example 

Instead of being the example

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love_supreme says:

Very nice!
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Well penned; beautiful! That's why, nearly some 48 years ago, I named her, "Karma Nurrsha Wa Kupenda". And back in those days in Jamaica, after slamming down the 3rd "rock", Papa would yell out, "Block!" Everyone would just look into their hands, and just throw down their rocks: Domino! Nice write. Love the allegorical message. ONE. Peace and Love.

TEEDUB815 says:

Nice Write!

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